One can find amazing things in rural Ohio.

Here are several video highlights/footage of 9-Volt Haunted House during this our year of 2012. I wish we could present here a more comprehensive look at our efforts during this past year, the breadth and width of which we seek to exploit further in 2013. Looking forward, we wish to dedicate several of these concepts to digital recording, spruced up and enjoyable for your convenience. 2013 is quickly shaping up to be a challenging and productive year. We (9VHH) will both be involved in this new, 2013 edition of the Cleveland Lottery League. We anticipate its influence on our work as well! For the time, please enjoy some of this footage and continue to cheer us on! We thank all of our special people who have aided us along the way.

Cheers and stay tuned!

-C. Randolph C.

Images taken by Sarah Biscuso on the night of 10/12/12 at the Black Cat Factory, DIY venue hosting
TORUS / Drug Frenzy / C. Randolph C. / For He Is the Harbinger of Death / Fire Death / Greg Rasp. Flyer by Rob Rosin.

These are photos taken from our recent trip to McConnells Mill State Park, in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. We connected with Rt. 422 via 480 near Cleveland Ohio and followed almost nearly to the park, no toll roads or turnpike. Passing Warren and Youngstown, Ohio, it was a great day-trip out to Pennsylvania for some hiking and fantastic scenery. Most impressive, this park rivals some of our own local park systems here in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties. Well worth the excursion from Cleveland!

Found Object Photography

SongKick Event Page found here!!!!

Ocean Versus Daughter // Appolina from Emile Rafael on Vimeo.

ocean versus daughter // appolina

Director: Emile Rafael
Producers: Emile Rafael, Alan Shamsudin
Editor: Rahat Kulshreshtha
Executive Producer: Fred Rowson
Prod co: Duke Films
Light Painting by: Amber Scholten, Nina Wigfall

England In 1819′s , Waterfall.




Friday, June 22, 2012
9:00pm until 2:30am

Music and Art Event

Live Performances by


(Glacial Communications)
[Live Analog Techno]

DJ Sets by

(Tundra Dubs/Pale Noir
/Mishka Bloglin)

(Erie Effusion WRUW
/ S T U D i 0 4 o 4)



Art by




Flyer image by Glenn Hudson

“9-volt haunted house formed shortly after the turn of the century to make loud noises and keep its members from getting bored. the sound has since streamlined into a more organic, beat-happy experience, yet continues to scrape and fumble at the edges of conventional musical territory. band members include craig chojnicki (former evil mastermind of kent, ohio’s sonic pillagers, throne of the seated three) and matt cassidy (who also fronts his own killer psych-rock band, new planet trampoline, as well as playing guitar with the volta sound (formerly) and (now & as always) the it-men).”


glacial23 is Sam Harmon’s live electronic project. Hard kicks and arpeggiations constantly evolving.

Using a combination of conventional and DIY electronic instrumentation, he makes works influenced by various points along the electronic music spectrum.

His latest release, Acetic, is a collection of acid house tracks recorded over the last three years.


“A good DJ is both historian and scrapbooker. In a few short hours, their craft manages to capsulize a moment in musical, and often cultural history. Unfortunately, ever since the advent of the crossfader, people have been confused as to the role of a good DJ. Nowadays, more often than not, the Disc Jockey is looked upon as a wetware synthesizer; churning out seamless strings of generated tones for ecstacy addled teenagers to grind to. Many people have seem to have forgotten that a DJ is only as good as the records that he plays. Mike Textbeak has not forgotten, and because of this, he stands as the most important DJ in the modern underground movement.
…Textbeak flawlessly weaves the sounds of classical dark dance and industrial with many of the newer voices coming out of what Mishka dubbed Grave Wave. Hearing the sounds of today’s dark artists next to the sounds of Coil and Ministry and Bauhaus does more for the credibility of the movement than any article or blog can accomplish. With an emphasis on humor and self-deprication, this new crop of transgressive artists do more to sabotage their place in music history than help.
With most physical releases restricted to extremely limited editions, and a nearly endless flood of free music being distributed over the internet, it is almost hard to take the genre most commonly reffered to as Witch House seriously. Debates over whether this confusion and confutation is purely intentional seems meaningless when one listen to one of Mike Textbeak’s broadcasts. Within the span of two hours TXTBK’S CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 is always an educational voyage into the reprobate world of subterranean sound, carefully mixed and manipulated with an ear for music that makes the soul ache for corruption.
Call him the Haunted Harvey or the Malificent Mancuso, Mike Textbeak is truly one of the most important figures on the music scene today. On top of his own work, by himself and with his band BATH, Mike’s significance as a prophet of the profane places him firmly in the center of one of the more exciting movements in recent history. These are dark times, and with them music begin to get grittier and more corrupt.”
-Nattymari (Mishka Bloglin)


Bridget Ginley is the hostess of the Erie Effusion Retro 80′s Radio show broadcast on WRUW 91.1FM in Cleveland. Catch her left of the dial live every Sunday from 6pm – 8pm or streaming/download on wruw.org. Playing old vinyl classic rare remixes of alternative new wave electronic post punk pop from the 80′s, new remixes of old dance classics, deep cuts and new music from 80′s artists.

Paul Disastro thrives on finding unheard and new music. As much as possible, tries to never repeat himself, keeps it fresh even while playing old stuff, and is just pretentious enough to not put DJ in front of his name since he uses a laptop. He never compromises his ethics on NOT playing the same old, trite, played out music you’ve heard a hundred times before.


Artist Julie Morgan’s work is mainly a reaction to psychological entrapments and emotional snares. The fusion and bondage are metaphors for these states. They represent powerlessness and hopelessness in the face one’s interior dilemma, and in some ways, the embracing of it.

She is inspired by the dark spectrum of the human condition. Trauma, longing, pain, loneliness, and madness. Love, unity, separation, and abandonment. I aim to create works where these conditions overlap and where I can connect with the viewer on different levels.